Commit e097816b authored by Tyler Collins's avatar Tyler Collins
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Moved away from the notion of the trimmed mean.

parent d404444e
......@@ -94,10 +94,10 @@ end
% Apply trimmed average re-reference
chan_inds = marks_label2index(EEG.marks.chan_info,{'manual'},'indexes','invert','on');
trm_m = ve_trimmean(,:),[aref_trim],1);
trm_m_mat = repmat(trm_m,size(,1),1); = - trm_m_mat;
clear trm_m_mat;
chan_m = mean(,:),1);
chan_m_mat = repmat(chan_m,size(,1),1); = - chan_m_mat;
clear chan_m_mat;
% Window the continuous data
logging_log('INFO', 'Windowing the continous data...');
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