Operating Systems

Using batch context for local batching should work for any operating system you are using.

Submitting jobs to a remote cluster requires a ssh environment and it works differently depending on your operating system.

Linux and Mac

Linux and MacOS usually have ssh and scp installed by the default. This means you can use Remote submit communication method "system" for submission.


The system method for submission will prompt you for password if the current environment is not configured for password-less access to the remote cluster. For password-less access to your remote cluster, contact your administrator for details. You may use ssh keys to do so. See this documentation which should apply for most Linux and MacOS clients.

Additionally you can use the ssh2 method as well for Linux if you do not have password-less access setup to avoid typing your password as often for the remote cluster.

Windows (ssh2)

For Windows the only method of submission you can use is ssh2 in the submission window set Remote submit communication method to ssh2 before clicking Ok . This option is not saved.

The ssh2 driver will ask for your password once for all submissions.

Updated/Verified by Brad Kennedy on 2017-08-09

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