Commit 526cf921 authored by Brad Kennedy's avatar Brad Kennedy
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Updated submit line to do string swaps on mfile name

parent 2b37fee6
......@@ -58,6 +58,12 @@ job_name = key_strswap(job_name, 'batch_hfn', histfname);
%% mfile_name and backup as job_name for compat
mfile_name = batch_config.mfile_name;
% batch_dfn
mfile_name = key_strswap(mfile_name, 'batch_dfn', datafname);
% batch_hfn
mfile_name = key_strswap(mfile_name, 'batch_hfn', histfname);
if isempty(mfile_name)
mfile_name = job_name;
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